6 tips for the maid of honour when planning your wedding

Lynn Wiedow

You’ve been chosen out of all the many friends and family to hold your friend’s hand and guide her through an exciting, challenging, emotional period of preparing for her wedding day-Congratulations!

Namibia Planners has a few tips to help you accomplish this task with flair and a sense of calmness.

The bride to be is now overwhelmed with so much emotion, expectation and elation – all hard to deal with and you are there to hold her hand through it all.

Communication is paramount.

Organising and planning a wedding is stressful , but with the guidance and  assistance of a competent maid of honour, you are highly valued for the help you offer to the bride to be.

You need to communicate openly and honestly about what she expects of you. Keep notes.  Her mind is all over the place and she has so many ideas, plans, and expectations. What exactly does she want you to help her with? Do some research yourself beforehand so that you know what is expected.

Make checklists for her.

Help her by being her sounding board, keeping in mind that this is her wedding – not yours and her wishes take priority. Help her to organise her thoughts, ideas and dreams, not forgetting to remind her of seemingly unimportant matters, which she has forgotten. You are her personal PA right now and she needs to trust you and be assured that you have her best interests at heart.

Keep her calm.

This is an overwhelming time and she might get flustered and anxious. It’s your job to be a calm, voice of reason. Develop a thick skin, so that when she lashes out at you for whatever reason, you are able to calm her down and not overreact and cause further stress. Reassure her, make her laugh, pray with her and remind her that all will be wonderful on her wedding day. She is emotionally charged and probably will never remember what she said or did in frustration or anger. Bear with her patiently and faithfully.

Attend wedding dress shopping and fittings.

Reassure her that she will be the fairy tale bride she has always dreamt of being. Be tactful and kind. This is not the time to be cruel to be kind by being blunt about her flaws, weight or appearance. She will be beautiful on her wedding day – that’s a fact and stick to it. Her dream gown may not be your choice – again it’s her wedding, not yours. The dress designer/company has her happiness in mind and will be the right professional to give advice. Namibia Planners vendors are there to help.

Help to keep on schedule.

As the wedding day draws nearer, the tension and anxiety also increase and your help would be greatly appreciated. There are many tiny details that you are able to take care of – listen carefully to her and offer help with those.

Listen to the professionals.

Should she have hired a wedding co- ordinator  to take over duties, it takes so much pressure off her, so advise her to accept their help. Any professional worth their salt, is keen to do their best as their reputation is at stake and they are experienced in their field of expertise and will not do anything that has not been discussed beforehand. Trust them to do what they are good at and reassure the bride that all is in good hands. Too many cooks spoil the broth and meddling causes unnecessary worry and tension. When in doubt, revert to the professionals who have been hired to do the job. Namibia Planners have experienced professionals to help  tp make her wedding day the most magical of days.

Being a maid of honour carries a heavy responsibility and is rewarded on the wedding day when all the problems, fears, obstacles have been overcome and you are secure in the knowledge that you were part of a process helping her to become the radiantly happy bride that she is, standing at the altar, and saying “I do” to the man of her dreams.

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