Ongoma / Drum Café Namibia

Ongoma / Drum Café Namibia offers a variety of African live music performances, suitable for any type of corporate or social event. Need someone to welcome guests for your function with a lively marimba and percussion performance? Or some drummers to get everyone into the groove? How about adding some eye candy with contemporary African dancers?
Or else, experience the incredible power of group drumming with Drum Café Namibia! This is a sought-after team building exercise and year-end-function activity. But interactive drumming is equally suitable when you’d like to energize delegates at a conference, provide visitors to Namibia with a truly African experience or entertain guests at weddings, birthdays and staff parties. For a group drumming session a djembe drum will be provided to every member of the group. The fun aspect of the program is completely infectious: even the most reserved member of a team will be smiling and beating away on their drum by the end of the event.

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